Friday, August 28, 2015

Dolphin and Surfboard Cookies

 Saying good bye to Summer is hard, we had the most amazing time this year and with my kids growing every year just keep getting better and better.

Next week is finally going back to school. I am happy, excited and nervous all at the same time. I am looking forward to go back to the school and work schedule /routine and I think the girls are ready too.  My little E is not to excited about her last year of Pre-K, hopefully she will get use to it pretty soon.

Any way, for this month's blog post for The Cookie Cutter Company I made some fun Dolphin and Surf board Cookies. I guess I am hanging into summer pretty bad with these.
I haven't been baking a lot this summer and I certainly haven't made royal icing in a while, so I used fondant as an easy way to decorate these dolphin and surfboard cookies

Dolphin Cookie Cutter

Surfboard Cookie Cutter

Here are some pictures to get you excited!
Stop by The Cookie Cutter Company Design Ideas for full instructions to make
these adorable cookies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Theme cookies

Oh man! Summer is over! bittersweet. In a way I want to keep enjoying the nice weather and the fun outdoor time I am having with my girls, but honestly, I am ready for back to school.
The kids are excited, and daddy who has been taking care of the kids the entire Summer is looking forward for a little break.
Any way, back to school means meeting new teachers, that means cookies around here.
 I put together a fun cookie tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company, stop by their page and have fun decorating these cookies.

Race Car Theme 1st Birthday Cake

I made this race car theme cake for a special little boy, I have been making cakes for this
family for many years now.
All the details of the cake matched the party invitation, I love the color combo of red, black and light blue.
The #1 cake topper and the flags are made with gumpaste for stability.
 Everything else is fondant.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mexican Fiesta Theme Cake

 Happy Wednesday!
Wow, I haven't been around in so long. Times goes by so fast and I have being spending my free days and time with my girls. This Summer has been fantastic, lots of little trips, fun play dates with new friends and doing a lot of activities with the girls.
Right now I am taking some time off from baking, the last few months were so busy with lots of orders that I really needed some time off to recharge.
I have made such a fun cakes , lots of colors and different designs.
For this post I am sharing this fun and colorful Mexican Fiesta Theme cake complete with a cake topper piñata.
The piñata was made using rice crispy treats and fondant, all the other decorations were a combination of fondant and gumpaste.

This Mexican man was one of my favorite details on the cake, I am assuming he had way too much tequila and was taking a nap!

Here is the complete cake ! Hope you like it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nautical/Mini Crab theme birthday cake

What a fun cake was this one to make! I have said it before, I love making colorful cakes, and this is a color palette that I adore.
I have made a similar cake before, just smaller, and my client wanted something similar, just bigger. Well, bigger is always better. 

The details on the cake were made with a mix of fondant and tylose to make them a little extra firm, but not too hard.
I made the boat with gumpaste days in advance the delivery date to make sure it was going to be completely dry the day I need it.
I like using candy melts to attach big cake toppers to my cakes.

  This is the smash cake I made for the little boy.